About Me

I was born in Ibiza but I'm living in Murcia for about 10 years. I came to get into University and start my Computer Engineering, and finally I finished it.Jordi
After ending my degree I decided to start a Master in Information Technologies and Telematics, also in University of Murcia. Although I started researching in Authentication, after my master thesis I changed towards Multimedia and in particular to scalable video coding.

Now I'm starting my PHD studies, as a fist step I did a stage in Klagenfurt University.
I started working in FiestaHotelGroup, first as a porter  and then as I.T.

In August 2007 I started working in DIIC (Information and Communications Engineering Department) from University of Murcia, first in the context of IST-DAIDALOS II project, developing the bootstrapping mechanism using Opendiameter and EAP-TLS.

After CELTIC SCALNET (2010) where we worked mainly with the H.264-SVC codec and what are its benefits for network operators, content providers and users, I continued in Univesity of Murcia researching on the performance of SVC transmission.

In 2011 I got involved in the Google Summer of Code inside the opensource LibAV project on the development of the native Dirac decoder.