sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Desempaquetado de Google TV

Puede que esto sea precisamente lo que estoy buscando para casa, una tele con acceso a internet para poder ver páginas web, consultar correo, ... me parece que todavía nos toca esperar en España. Por ahora, tendremos que conformarnos con un HTPC :p

Para ver el desempaquetado clic en la imagen o aquí

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010


Scalnet Logo

The 5th October was the final review of the CELTIC SCALNET project where I was involved in the design and development.

The focus of SCALNET was the study of impact and modifications needed in the core and user network to integrate the H.264/SVC technology. It also studied the control interface between networks and video processing equipments.

Personally it gave me the possibility to stay for a few months in Klagenfurt University spending a very nice and useful time.

We (University of Murcia) were working in the SVC MP4 encapsultation, transmission and adaptation. As a result we produced some software components able to work with SVC and integrates other components from the SCALNET architecture.

- Modified MP4Creator

- Modified Darwin Streaming Server

- A Media Aware Network Element (MANE) based on an RTSP Proxy

- A DirectShow based client using JSVM Reference software, opensvcDecoder and MainConcept decoder.

Now that SCALNET has finished we have to think about our approaching objectives which will off course include SVC ;-)